Police officer tells photographers to “Go away”


Footage shows how photographers and other media members were asked to leave for thirty minutes on 2 April at the G20 protest, near the junction of Royal Exchange Passage and Cornhill.


The policeman told media members: “Go away for about half an hour and then come back.” Their motive was that it would “help resolve the situation.”


In a conference in February, the NUJ informed media members of their rights and were told to defend themselves when disrupted unfairly.


When asked to leave at the G20, photographers attempted to do so but were threatened with arrest.


“You either go away now or you will spend the rest of the afternoon in court. What do you want to do?” said a police officer.


“I´m not getting into a debate, I´m trying to be very nice”, he added.


“You’ve had your chance. This is section 14. If you don’t leave you will end up being arrested, OK. What do you want to do?”


Media editor of the Observer, James Robinson, said: “Journalists should be able to do their jobs without being interrupted. In cases when they are not able to, newspaper editors should be onto the police.”


 Some police officers claim that journalists are being biased. The following quote, taken from the Police Oracle and UK Police Online discussion forums may sound convincing: “The brave firearms officer who died has received FAR LESS coverage- the press (and I mean all of you) should be ASHAMED.”


But cordoning protesters, attacking them and ordering media members to leave are all good reasons for the press to be- quite simply- FED UP.


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